Save 20% on the per can price of the 12-pack!


24-pack Berry Mary: Raspberry, Blackberry, Rosemary. Comes in 16oz reclycable aluminum cans!


Certified Organic, flavored with whole ingredient infusion to ensure low sugar. Green tea base to ensure a light and vibrant taste.


**Free Delivery Right to Your Door. Delivery Radius is 30 miles from Portland, Oregon**

24 - Berry Mary Cans $3.20/can

Best Time for Delivery
  • Kombucha should be refrigerated, so make sure you will be able to receive your package at the time of delivery or retrieve it within no more than 6 hours. 

  • We are taking Covid 19 seriously in all our of production, sales and deliveries. No employee is allowed to come to work if they have a fever or are experiencing any flu/cold symptoms. All equipment is being cleaned and sanitized regularly. All delivery vehicles, and products are sanitzed. Delivery staff are hand-washing and sanitizing their hands regularly.

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