Farmer's Markets

Farmer’s Markets are where we love to connect with our local customers. This market season will be different but we hope to be out as much as possible in any way we can. 


Pre-Order for Markets

Many of the markets will be pre-order only and/or drive-through. To make this process easier we will be using the WhatsGood App. You can download it in the app store, select the market you are headed to and pre-order your kombucha on it. We are still in the process of setting this up, but it will be active shortly!


Our Schedule this 2020 Season


- OHSU June -September 10am-2pm

- Hawthorne June-September 4pm-7:30pm


- South Waterfront June-October 2pm-7pm


- Sandy Farmer’s Market June-October 3pm-7pm


- Gresham Original Market May 2nd-October 8:30am-2pm

- Happy Valley May 9th - October 9am-2pm


- Hillsboro Orenco Station Market May 3rd - Nov 1 10am-2pm

- Hoodland Farmer’s Market June 9th - September 11am-2pm

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